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The Mach Loop - Grim Reapers

By Video Team September 25, 2017

Within the first few frames of this video I knew something special was about to happen. I had only recently discovered the Mach Loop and instantly became obsessed with its existence. The obvious attraction of course its natural beauty, rolling green hills, and chipped stone cliffs scattered through what looked like ravines that went in on either direction for ever and ever. It doesnt look out of place in a Tolkien novel. Below the lakes glistened in the sun and tiny little cottages littered sparingly throughout the landscape, barely the size of a conceivable dot signified how high up the camera crews were. And then the unbreakable peacefulness gives way to a rumble, that become a roar and before you even knew it was there Tornados, Hawks, F15's, Raptors, in solo missions and in processions recorded by amateur camera hands and professionals a like.  Did Spielberg design this place?? How the hell do I get there and when am I going? 

 Mach Loop Fighter Jets

Credit: Photographer details pending 

 But all the beautiful and incredible clips in the world, hi def, perfect focus, as hi speed as they could possibly allow could ever even be mentioned in the same breath as what is known simply as 'Grim Reapers'. The clip begins with an F15, literally like a spectre of sorts appear in the shadows literally at the feet of photographers and must have left them one hell of a well trimmed jaw line. As quickly as it was there it was gone, photographers frantically scurrying to get the shot, you can feel as though there is a definitive lift spirits.  

F-15c Grim Reaper Mach Loop Fighter Jet

Credit: Keith M 82


Now what happens next can only be described as any jet heads ultimate fantasy, in fact I cant actually imagine concocting such a scenario. A clear horizon slowly starts to develop dots, and the inevitable 'what is it?' games would have started to take over for those who were inevitably present for this incredible once in a life time display. The dots started to gather, and as quickly as they form, and as quickly as the seem to coordinate they also quickly become visibly identifiable as half a squadron of United States Airforce F-15c Eagles. And as if that wasn't enough they have clearly chosen to from the other horizon line up you and the other photographers. 

In respects to modern aviation pieces of film, this is the holy grail. One of the most unbelievable things I have ever seen. The best piece of modern aviation film I have ever seen by a country mile. 


 This was the first piece of footage that introduced me to Elwyn R, hats off. 

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