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The First Of Many

By James F September 17, 2017

I was going through the Letters, between Peter and Rej when they were working on the Piece of Cake painting and I found the death notice for Rej who died shortly after the print's release in August, 2000, 

I also came across, this handwritten letter entitled 'obituary' which it appears to be for Rej and written by Peter, it reads:

Reginald Thomas Llewellyn

Born 25 March 1914 died 6 August 2000. Age 86

Battle of Britain fighter ace

13 and I shared destroyed 1 unconfirmed destroyed, 1 probable and 2 damaged 

IT was a late spring morning when a flight of Hurricanes from 213 Squadron took of from Manston England and headed for the patrol line of Dunkirk, Calais and Boulter. As the Hurricanes approached the French coast a sudden shout in the pilots earphones alerted Llewellyn to the yellow nosed BF 109;s tumbling down on then from out of the sun. Twisting and turning to avoid the viscous onslaught Llewellyn found himself in a relatively clear piece of sky, when all of a sudden a Hurricane dived in front of him a 109 in hot pursuit whiffs of smoke puffing from its two cannon.

He quickly flipped his Hurricane on its back and divided after the 109. At 200 yards he pushed the firing button and boulters smashed into the yellow cowling of the enemy fighter. A cloud of thick black smoked belched from the cockpit of the stricken aircraft as it turned on its back and raced earth ward. It was the 29th of May 1949, Dunkirk, France and Sergeant Reginald Thomas Llewellyn; RAF had obtained his first victory.

I thought besides the fact that he (Pete) tied together a nice little story, what a hell of an obituary. I asked him if he remembers what it was for? He said he sent it to a newspaper in Tassie, he "thinks."



Would love to find the newspaper listing, I am sure their is a few people out their that cut it out as a memento. Stranger things have made themselves known over the past 9 months, this wouldn't surprise me. Added to list:

Item of interest no. 372 - Find a copy of the paper with the obit PIF wrote for REJ L

Oh and get the bloody interviews up of Rej and Charles P pronto...

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