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Piece of Cake intro Peter Randall Kent Battle of Britain  

The Battle of Britain - 8 weeks in...

THE FIRST 8 WEEKS of fighting saw the Luftwaffe concentrate its air power directly on the Royal Air Force air bases and infrastructure as well as the Royal Navy and within 2 weeks forced the Royal ships to abandon their shipping routes through the English Channel. However, with the constant and relentless procession of air raids over England, the Luftwaffe began to quickly suffer far more losses in the air even though they had nearly twice as many aircraft. Between the 8th of August and the 18th, the RAF had lost 175 aircraft compared to nearly double by the Luftwaffe with 332 lost.

Battle of Britain timeline

MID August saw some of the highest number of sorties by both sides. The trend continued for the Luftwaffe experiencing nearly double the amount of losses of aircraft and casualties. This lead to Reichsmarschall Hermann Göring withdrawing the Junkers 87 Stuka from the Battle. It’s interesting to note that both sides felt as though they were losing the fight or at the very least were not making the progress that they deemed necessary to ensure victory. This heavy period of fighting also leads to the Luftwaffe shifting its focus from the RAF itself to the major cities and factories of London. A move that many believe lead to the defeat of the Luftwaffe in this historical conflict.

Although this is a very brief overview of the events that had unfolded at this point of the battle what we can definitely ascertain is that each and every air victory counted tremendously. 

Sgt Reg Llewellyn

BORN Reginald Thomas ‘Lew’ Llewellyn on 25th March 1914. He joined the RAF in 1930, a decision that was influenced by the fact that he had several close friends that were pilots. Llewellyn served as ground crew in Iraq from 1934-37 and later took and completed a weapons training course that lead to a promotion to Sergeant and with the outbreak of war after a brief allocation to Gladiators he joined 213 Squadron in January 1940 where he was assigned to fly Hurricanes. He is credited with 13 enemy aircraft destroyed, 1 shared destroyed, 1 unconfirmed destroyed, 1 probable and 2 damaged. He first saw battle over Dunkirk and was a major contributor in the Battle of Britain until he was shot down by a Messerschmitt 110 on the 15th September and suffered serious damage to his right arm which saw him in hospital for a year and put an end to his combat capabilities as an operational pilot for the remainder of the war.  

Sgt Reginald 'Lew' Llewellyn

 Sgt Reginald 'Lew' Llewellyn

'Piece of Cake' by Peter Randall-Kent

Piece of Cake by Peter Randall-KentPiece of Cake by Peter Randall-Kent painting, Angels Twenty Collection. 

THE painting was commissioned in June 1999 by Angels Twenty founder, Peter Forbes who “wanted to pay tribute to these brave men who I had idolised since I was a little boy.” Although this scene specifically shows Sgt Reg Llewellyn in full flight, there is nothing out of the ordinary with this day or Llewellyn's efforts, it was just another do or die effort by another allied airman that played its part in railroading Hitler’s reality of invading England. "It could be any number of the brave men that flew in this monumental battle that the painting depicts and because it could have been a countless number of pilots and victories worthy of such a painting that in itself is what makes the entire Battle and each and every pilot that participated on both sides so extraordinary and truly in need of documentation and commemoration."
AS FOR WHY Rej Lewellyn was chosen specifically for the painting, Peter recalls one night reading through chronicles on allied war aces and after noticing that Rej had chosen to call Australia home after the war, he thought that he might like to give Lewellyn a call and the relationship went from there.  

Peter Randall-Kent nearing the finish line, April 1999, Sydney.

PETER chose aviation artist Peter Randall-Kent to paint this particular event as he had been collecting Randall-Kent's art for many years and was waiting for the perfect opportunity to finally work the talented artist himself. The Battle of Britain was close to Peter’s own story having first hand witnessed the carnage over London as a young boy from his back yard and would later serve in the RAF himself.
Petere Randall Kent RAF

 Peter Randall-Kent RAF, 1959.

ANOTHER notable RAF pilot that was residing in Australia, was Flight Lieutenant, Charles “Tich’ Palliser. Peter, thought that as well as Reg signing the limited edition prints it would be a great way to honour Palliser who was just as accomplished in his own right as a pilot throughout WW2.
Charles Tich Palliser

Sgt Charles 'Tich' Palliser.

Sgt Charles 'Tich' Palliser.

“TICH” who earned the nickname in his earliest days in RAF also fought in the Battle of Britain and then in Malta and is credited with 4 confirmed destroyed, 7 shared destroyed, 2 shared probable and 3 damaged. He was awarded the D.F.C and reached the rank of Flight Lieutenant.
Charles Tich Palliser DFC

Charles 'Tich' Palliser was a DFC recipient.


'Piece of Cake' - The Limited Edition Prints

Piece of Cake Print by Peter Randall-Kent

Piece of Cake Limited edition prints signed by Battle of Britain heroes, Sgt Reginald 'Lew' Llewellyn and Sgt Charles 'Tich' Palliser are now available in very limited release in the A20 store - here  

UPON the completion of this incredible piece by Randall-Kent, Peter then spent time with Llewellyn and Palliser and re-lived some phenomenal stories and recounts of the actual event. Peter ventured to Tasmania, to sign the prints with Llewellyn where he resided with his wife where although very guarded with the details, Llewellyn told of his mind set on what it was like flying over the evacuation of Dunkirk, “in retrospect we probably didn’t understand the enormity of it at the time,” flying for David Nevin, in the 1941 classic The First of the Few, his first encounter with the Luftwaffe mid-air and his scrape with death - being hit by a 110 and when asked what he remembered of the event, he responded “very little, the first I knew that he was even there was the fact that a cannon shell had blast into the side of me.”

Reg Lewellyn Piece of Cake signing 1999 Hobart Battle of BritainLlewellyn signing the prints, November 1999, Hobart, Australia. 

IN contrast to Llewellyn, Palliser, in detail, told of escapades of escaping from certain doom in dog fights to watching Messerschmitts disappear into the Channel without even making a splash and his personal struggles with other service men and woman not believing he was a pilot due to his boyish appearance.

Piece of Cake signing Charles Tich Palliser Peter Randall-Kent

 Palliser and Randall-Kent signing the prints, October 1999, Moorabin Airport, Melbourne, Australia.

OVER the coming months, I hope to share as much of these stories, interviews, and insights on the A20 site. I hope that many of you will find them as truly fascinating as I have and a first-hand reminder of this incredible time.  

Piece of Cake Peter Randall Kent Battle of Britain framed with DFC Framed limited edition print, with 1939-1945 Star with ‘Battle of Britain’ clasp and Battle of Britain 1940 Distinguished Flying Cross medal display - A20 Collection.


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