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    Are you interested in contributing to an online military history and aviation website? 

    Angels Twenty is embarking on a new journey and an exciting one to say the least. We wish to create an environment both online and in the real world of like minded individuals who are passionate about military history, current military, especially military aviation and also especially those who appreciate military and aviation art, or would use a stronger word than 'appreciation' to describe their connection with such things. 

    We are at the very start of this new journey and we would love to here from you if the following applies to you and you are skilled or are interested in contributing in the following areas (professional or self proclaimed expert):

    • Journalism and professional writing
    • Photographer and videographers
    • Military historians
    • Art collectors and enthusiasts
    • Web developers and designers
    • IT professionals
    • Digital professionals of all types
    • Social media 

    The opportunities are vast and wide ranging, big and small so if you would like to reach out email us at info@angelstwenty-fineart.com and tell us what area interests you even if it is not listed above as well as a little bit about yourself and your connection with military art and history and we will be in touch.